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Eve Ash is a motivational psychologist, storyteller and author who has produced over 1000 programs including TV series, feature documentaries, podcast series and business videos. Her recent productions include the true crime TV series Undercurrent: Real Murder Investigation, podcast Who Killed Bob?, an award winning documentary Man on the Bus and a snappy business series 2 Minutes to Success. Eve is a courageous citizen investigator working to turn around a wrongful conviction and impact changes in the justice system.

Eve founded Seven Dimensions, a media company specializing in communication, leadership and change, and has won over 170 excellence awards including a Businesswoman of the Year award.

Entertaining speaker for any event

In the business world, Eve Ash is a powerful speaker, offering a light touch with comedy yet presenting powerful strategies for communication, leadership and resilience. Her positive thinking approach and amusing account of her investigation into her own family has left audiences laughing and talking for days.

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There are hundreds of interactive programs produced by Eve Ash and her team, so you can become a successful communicator and leader in your personal and work-life. Inspire your coworkers and team with your vision, respectful communication, and skills to handle difficult people and reduce stress.

Craig Weiss Group Off-the-Shelf Content Award 2020

Seven Dimensions won 3 categories in the coveted Craig Weiss Group awards for 2020, including best overall content, best business skills and best videos

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