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Are you looking for a motivational speaker that will inspire and motivate your team? A speaker that shares best practice strategies to energise the staff, change the culture from blaming and defensive to problem solving and innovative?

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2022-23 | 19 Episodes of Podcast series Who Killed Bob?

2023.09 | Compassionate Leadership and Psychologically Safe Workplaces | Presented to HR and L&D Managers, USA

2023.08 | Life is Stranger than Fiction | Keynote, Melbourne, Australia.

2023.07 | Creating a Culture of Respect | Presented to HR /L&D Managers, USA.

2023.06 | Create a culture of learning | Presented to Senior HR Managers, Mexico.

2022.10 | Leading a Culture of Mental Wellness | Conference Keynote, Melbourne.

2022.10 | Australia’s enduring love affair with True Crime | Conference, Sydney, Australia.

2022.03 | Switch on the New You and Present Like a Champion | Melbourne, Australia.

2020.11 |  Ticker NEWS | Leading Teams in a Changing World | "Focus on what you can do as a leader and control your own mindset." Eve Ash explains how leaders can take charge of their teams in a changing workplace world. watch

2020.11 |  Leading Teams in a Changing World - Learn@Forbes Webinar | Our world of work, lifestyle, wellbeing - all seem to be on a rollercoaster. We have experienced major shifts in the way we work, our communication, our relationships and our security. Despite a world of uncertainty, we can control our own emotions and wellbeing and set a productive path for our teams. In this engaging webinar psychologist, Eve Ash, examines four key areas to successfully readjust ourselves and our teams to a new normal.

2020.09 |  Leading Voice Speaker Management Listen

2020.07.29 | 1pm CT |  Bizlibrary Webinar – Thriving With Work and Well-Being In a Changed World Register

2019.12.10 | 7.30am to 9am |  Wrestpoint, Sandy Bay | Breakfast Seminar: Managing Engaged People in a Respectful Workplace

2019.12.09 | Hobart Screening – Man On The Bus, State Cinema, with Q & A

2019.12.09 | ABC Radio Hobart | Eve Ash found out some family secrets, which completely changed her life

2019.10.27 | ABC Overnights | From a Nazi death camp to the suburbs of Australia - a family with a remarkable story. Eve speaking with Michael Pavlich about her family history.The story is extraordinary; it has now been made into a film called ‘Man on the Bus’ that is showing around the country. Listen

2019.10.22 | Bizlibrary Webinar | Key Strategies to Create Highly Motivated Employees More Details

2019.09.19 | ABC Overnights | They can be angry, aggressive, abusive, bullying, loud - how do you deal with difficult people?

2019.07.10 | Build Collaboration and Creativity Webinar

2019.06.24 | CLANT (Criminal Lawyers Association of Northern Territory) Conference, Bali | Eve presents Undercurrent: The True Crime

2019.06.19 | ABC Overnights | 'Poor Me' - 'Poor Me'! How should we realistically overcome disappointments?

2019.06.07 | Bridgeport Connecticut | Man on the Bus Screening | 7pm screening followed by Q&A with Eve Ash Housatonic Community College. More Details

2019.06.05 | Bethel Cinema Connecticut | Man on the Bus Screening.
"Man On The Bus" Australian Documentary Mystery Can a secret change who you are?
6pm Meet n’ Greet With Aussie Director: Eve Ash
7pm film and Q&A With The Director. More Details

2019.05.30 | ABC NSW | Eve will talk about lying and why we all do it and if we can all be a bit better at not telling porkies.

2019.05.29 | ABC Radio Canberra| Eve will talk about bad smells in the workplace.

2019.05.17 | New Haven Connecticut | Man on the Bus Screening

2019.03.27 | 4 Strategies for Successfully Leading Teams in High Pressure Situations | Eve Ash will share the challenges she and her team faced whilst exposing a wrongful conviction, at the same time filming it as a true crime TV series. She will use those experiences to provide you with four core strategies to transform how you communicate with your team under high pressure situations, and how to achieve success. Read More

2019.03.05 | AIDC Speaker 2019 | AIDC (The Australian International Documentary Conference) special delegate-only, closed-to-media sneak preview of the final episode of Undercurrent, followed by Q&A with Executive Producer & Documentary Director Eve Ash and Executive Producer Andrew Farrell, moderated by Rachael Brown (Trace, ABC). Read More

2019.02.28 | ABC Overnights | Trevor Chappell talks with Eve Ash about True Crime podcasts and Undercurrent (starts at 41:41)

2019.02.14 | ABC Overnights | Time to Move On - but how do you find a new partner?

2018.12.20 | ABC Overnights | Getting through Christmas Stress | Loneliness, family feuds, financial problems, grieving - Christmas can bring up a lot of issues.

2018.12.13 | 2HD | Survive the work Xmas party | Great career advice on the exciting and deadly office Xmas party. Make or break your career.

2018.11.19 | ABC Overnights | Life's Challenges and Stresses - How to Develop Resilience | How can we develop resilience to get through life's challenges and difficult times?

2018.11.13 | Project Management & Brand Workshop

2018.11.12 | Role & Team Workshop

2018.10.17 | Project Development Workshop

2018.10.04 | ABC Overnights | Refocus your life | Eve shares some suggestions for getting through difficult times

2018.09.18 | Leadership Skills Workshop Read More

2018.09.05 | Professional Development Workshop Read More

2018.09.04 | Presenting In Public Workshop Read More

2018.09.04 | Dealing with Change Workshop Read More

2018.06.06 | Motivation Psychology and Effective Storytelling

2018.06.02 | Widex Summit Experience conference 2018 Read More

2018.03.14 | Workplace Boundaries and #MeToo | In your workplace environment is it still OK to give someone a friendly hug or a shoulder rub? Read More

What Eve's clients say

I’ve been working with Eve Ash for over 10 years and find her to be extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic and an inspiration to all. Eve inspires audiences to greater self-awareness and openness to change. Her humor, insight and delivery style both motivates and engages her audience. Eve is quite possibly the most driven and prolific training video producer I know, with over 600 video titles created to-date. She is an outstanding presenter and MC to both large and small groups. We received only positive feedback from Eve’s multiple appearances as keynote speaker at previous BizLibrary ALIGN client conferences.

Debbie Williams Former Vice President, Biz Library, USA

It takes a unique combination of skills to engage an online audience – even more so when there are participants literally from around the world. Eve exudes a very comfortable presence and is adept at delivering a subtle mix of education and entertainment; she is an all-around superb speaker… Eve is a gem to work with

Performance Agents WEBINARS, USA

Eve was absolutely fantastic, engaging, professional, humorous… staff loved her.

Rachel Matthews SW TAFE

Eve Ash is an extraordinary businesswoman and exceptional public speaker... If you are seeking a highly dynamic and enthusiastic speaker–someone who brings both depth and breadth to a presentation along with humor, I highly recommend you consider Eve Ash.

Laura Bernstein Non-Profit Executive Director, Human Resources Business Leader, Adjunct Professor Temple Beth El, Sork HC

Eve was the most helpful MC I have ever worked with... Eve inspired, entertained and motivated… If you are looking for a business minded women with the ability to influence people’s minds then look no further.

Matthew Powis TOFS

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