How to collaborate with people less skilled than you

There’s a word for collaborating with people less skilled than you: it’s called “mentoring”. While it’s true that you up your own game by practising with those who are more skilled and experienced, working and sharing ideas with people who have less “skin” in the game is valuable for a host of reasons. In an […]

Are top chief executives actually worth it?

You’ve worked hard to get where you are, therefore you’re entitled … to what? Does it depend on what and how you deliver? An interesting survey of the top 50 chief executives looks at people who have delivered the best results for their respective companies over the long term. We are talking in terms of […]

Why we need to rethink the concept of work

With so many women now in the workplace and feminism’s early victories (it’s been over a century since women were first given the vote, more than half a century since the advent of the Pill, and there’s at least 50% female graduation in today’s university courses), you’d think that old glass ceiling would be badly […]

5 ways to become a better listener

You have my attention. I’m listening! I’m all ears. Few of us like to admit we’re poor listeners. The truth is, in our distracted society, most people are not particularly good at listening, and a vital tenet in human evolution is slipping away, unnoticed, as we become busier and paradoxically less focused. Any conversation or […]

5 ways to improve decision-making

Decision-making can be stressful. Not making decisions or making the wrong ones can be even more stressful. What’s the difference between gung-ho and decisive? One is about diving in enthusiastically, often unthinkingly, the other takes into account the relevant factors before making a move. Gung-ho people are very definite about what they like and what […]

Support and encourage everyone, including high achievers

Too many managers forget the importance of encouraging their teams, and motivating them to higher performance. With this year’s Commonwealth Games now concluded, it’s interesting to reflect on how much the cheering of crowds spurs athletes to greater heights of achievement. Lots of them talk about it, and you don’t have to be a champ to imagine […]

How fears can hold you back at work

Fears drive our behaviours and are often the reason for our decisions and actions at work. What do we fear? Lots of things: not being liked conflict not being in control failing — being wrong not knowing, uncertainty being embarrassed losing relationships being ignored or even rejected being criticised changes “There’s nothing to fear but […]