8 steps to take control of your career

Work for most of us is survival. It means the difference between simply existing, keeping food on the table and bills paid, and more importantly enabling us to progress. Work gives us meaning We spend most of our adult lives working. Work provides us with not only money to live, but a sense of identity […]

Are you willing to help?

Can I be of assistance? You hear that a lot, often when you haven’t asked for it. Very often it’s part of a call centre script; the consultant’s bot-like responses are the giveaway. Or you’re shopping, and there’s a retail assistant helicoptering when you want to be left alone. These aren’t exercises in being helpful, […]

How do you confront annoying co-workers?

Graphics reproduced with thanks to: graduate.olivet.edu Have you ever been confronted by a co-worker about your annoying behaviour? Are you considered an annoying co-worker? Do you change your ways? A recent survey of 2,000 American workers showed that when asked “Have you ever been aware that you’re annoying a co-worker, but done it anyway?”, an astounding 24% said ‘yes’. […]

8 ways to boost motivation

There are always times we feel energized and motivated. But what are your triggers? Is the glow from your summer break fading? Are you on your morning commute, in traffic or on transport, smartphone and cooling coffee in hand, pressed up against your fellow travelers? A new day in a new year and it is […]

Changing jobs because of annoying workers

We know managers can be so upsetting for some that workers leave and find new jobs. But what about co-workers? Have annoying workers led you to change jobs? The latest research of 2000 American workers by Olivet Nazarene University claims to have uncovered the truth about annoying workers. Thirty-six percent of people said yes – […]

The benefits of diversity and overcoming biases

Diversity at work is really about learning to build, extend and recognise everyone as people rather than labels or stereotypes. Privileging diversity for its own sake? Sometimes we see an inevitable corrective reaction to years of systemically unfair, often unconscionable behaviours and practices, many of which continue to exist. Here we have one diversity surmounting […]