The nine skills you need to get ahead at work

Even if you’re not especially ambitious, many of us want to get ahead at work. It’s not really possible to remain hidden in a corner and hit the repeat button, although some jobs seem to require this. Whether you’re stagnating or gunning the motor, particular skills are called for if career progression is in order. Try these […]

Open-plan offices — a love-hate relationship at work

Is the open-plan workplace a viable and healthy work option? Or is it too noisy and distracting? Researchers have deemed open-plan offices as poor for productivity, worse for socialising and bad all round for catching germs. Hot-desking Many government departments and large companies are only just getting into the swing of open-plan hot-desking, where employees […]

Are you looking after yourself?

We ache as we read about the death of chef Anthony Bourdain and too many others we know and love driven to suicide. It is tragic, no matter who it is. Depression is frightening and often hidden from those closest to us, sometimes even unrecognised by individuals themselves. Many people suffer depression at times of their […]

How do I manage the blamers and complainers?

The old saying “never complain, never explain” could be changed to “never blame, never complain”, but would people ever do this? Of course not. Blaming and complaining causes stress We all do our best, but standards and expectations vary. It often boils down to the fact that while people might share a common language, there are codes, […]