Little differences make big differences

“Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.” This wonderful quote is from entrepreneur and writer, the late William Clement Stone. Stone made numerous observations but I especially like this: “There is very little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference! The little difference is attitude. The […]

5 ways to build rapport at work

When someone is not interested in what you have to say, cuts you off, or ignores the way you are feeling, it blocks a productive relationship from developing. For great internal and external business relationships, we need to build rapport when we meet face-to-face, on the phone and even in writing. If you’re shy or […]

The art of questioning for good

Questioning is about curiosity and taking an interest in people and the world in order to unlock the unknown mysteries that surround you. Children are naturally curious, but their avidity for information wears off once they encounter rules, blocks and disinterest. We all need to develop constructive questioning techniques which help us to gradually understand […]

Take pride in your work but remember the big picture

Pride is a very natural emotion – within limits. But maybe in some organisations we don’t get to experience it often enough. There’s an appropriate time to briefly savour a well-deserved triumph. For some it means gloating; some people never know when to stop pushing themselves and their accomplishments in everyone else’s faces. But sooner or […]

8 common leadership flaws to avoid

Are you a leader who disappoints your team? I always like to hear what people say about poor leaders they have experienced because we can learn so much from them. At some recent leadership workshops I facilitated, we discussed leaders who have inspired us and what was disappointing and needed improvement. I found some common […]

How peer coaching could help your business

Peer education is powerful. Sometimes you learn so much more from a colleague who’s been on the job longer than you, than from a designated trainer, a guru giving a TED Talk or that well-remunerated speaker who was brought in to rev up your business breakfast. Peer-based learning Decades ago the phrase “sitting by Nellie” […]

Why you should give walking meetings a go

How many of us use an excuse to avoid exercise or exclaim pathetically “my day is too full“? We all get the same amount of time to spend; it’s how we use that time which counts. Walking meetings are a great, simple, straightforward concept. Getting started Simply grab a colleague you need to talk to […]

7 optimum conditions for happiness at work

Are you happy at work? Do you look forward to Mondays? How do you feel returning from vacation — refreshed and ready to get back into work, or disappointed you had to come back. It’s important that work and our workplace gives us contentment. But what are the optimum conditions and indicators of genuine contentment […]

“Ice-breakers” with fluffy toys are a staff bonding no-no. Here’s what to do instead

A recent story about ABC management requesting staff to engage in ice-breaking activities with fluffy toys generated public derision and made me think about the comedy training videos videos I’ve made showing how crazy some managers can be. Despite the element of fun, companies and government organisations can’t rely on bonding games to make a difference to workplace relationships […]