5 ways to inspire creativity

We all possess the capacity to be creative, but not all of us have the opportunity to work in conducive surroundings, with supportive colleagues and management. Any industry or organisation where strategic planning is called for can be guilty of excluding the really good ideas that bubble up from surprising sources. Creative work environments are […]

5 ways to elevate your team morale

You can walk into any workplace and know pretty quickly how good its team morale is — especially after a few days off for some public holidays. How often does a charismatic leader stride into a room, spray sparkly ideals and directions and have everyone dazed in some kind of afterglow? Rarely! Often those in […]

5 ways to make time work for you

Time, as we are periodically aware, is elastic, intangible and very much in the eye of the beholder. Some people habitually waste time, others schedule their days and weeks with relative ease.  You might find you do both, depending on the nature of the task or the person requesting your involvement. When under pressure, there […]

10 ways technology is hurting our bodies and minds

Obsession with devices leaves us tangled and in pain! Tech neck. Mouse shoulder. Gamer’s thumb. Computer vision. Smartphone zombies – Smombies. For millennia, human beings walked upright and were attuned to their environments. Today an increasing number have heads down, necks bent, marching across busy streets, wearing earbuds, checking media, sending messages and paying no heed as […]

5 Steps to Conquering Objections

“Does anyone have any objectives – I mean, objections?” the managing director asked the assembled throng.  Aha, thought a copywriting friend, that’s it!  Her boss’ Freudian slip illuminated the problem with her team.  That’s why we always get objections, because people have different objectives.  One person’s objective is almost inevitably cause for someone else’s objection.  […]

Hate writing? Polish your skills with these four steps

Were you put off writing by pedantic English teachers during your school years?  Wading through five hundred year-old plays and analysing a character’s motives for tortuous essays does not necessarily maketh great authors.  Possibly Will Shakespeare himself would today be writing movies or dramas for Netflix, where the plots might be the same but his […]

8 steps to take control of your career

Work for most of us is survival. It means the difference between simply existing, keeping food on the table and bills paid, and more importantly enabling us to progress. Work gives us meaning We spend most of our adult lives working. Work provides us with not only money to live, but a sense of identity […]

Are you willing to help?

Can I be of assistance? You hear that a lot, often when you haven’t asked for it. Very often it’s part of a call centre script; the consultant’s bot-like responses are the giveaway. Or you’re shopping, and there’s a retail assistant helicoptering when you want to be left alone. These aren’t exercises in being helpful, […]