Creating a Winning Mindset

Eve Ash is an entertaining and dynamic keynote speaker, who has developed a Winning Mindset psychological approach for success. She has produced over 700 business learning films, won 170 excellence awards and speaks worldwide.
Keynote Speaker Leadership and Team Dynamics Video Programs
Eve has a unique ability to enthuse an audience, stimulate thinking and create fun at a seminar or event will make the occasion enjoyable and rewarding. Eve delights in facilitating leadership development workshops, team building and planning days, innovation and problem-solving sessions. If you would like video streaming for your people, ask Eve to help you select a special collection to suit your development needs.


  • How to Create a Winning Mindset for Success in Life
  • Inspirational Leadership: Practical Skills for Managers
  • Handle Difficult People with Professional Skills
  • Public Speaking with Confidence and Impact
  • Communicate Like a Champion
  • Developing a Motivating Culture
  • Passion for Service Excellence
  • Feedback Culture: The Art of Feedback
  • Coaching and Motivating for Better Performance

Eve's blog on people problems

8 common leadership flaws to avoid

Are you a leader who disappoints your team? I always like to hear what people say about poor leaders they have experienced because we can learn so much from them. At some recent leadership workshops I facilitated, we discussed leaders who have inspired us and what was disappointing and needed improvement. I found some common […]

How peer coaching could help your business

Peer education is powerful. Sometimes you learn so much more from a colleague who’s been on the job longer than you, than from a designated trainer, a guru giving a TED Talk or that well-remunerated speaker who was brought in to rev up your business breakfast. Peer-based learning Decades ago the phrase “sitting by Nellie” […]

Why you should give walking meetings a go

How many of us use an excuse to avoid exercise or exclaim pathetically “my day is too full“? We all get the same amount of time to spend; it’s how we use that time which counts. Walking meetings are a great, simple, straightforward concept. Getting started Simply grab a colleague you need to talk to […]

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