Creating a Winning Mindset

Eve Ash is an entertaining and dynamic keynote speaker, who has developed a Winning Mindset psychological approach for success in life and at work. She has produced over 600 business learning films, won 160 excellence awards and speaks worldwide.

Engagement and Lands of W

Eve alters Land of W sabotage of wishing, whining, wasting time – to effective engaged people who achieve goals.

Inspirational Leadership

Eve guides leaders to inspire others with strong vision, values and powerful strategies to drive high performance.


Passion for Service

Eve provides practical strategies for creating a service culture where staff shine and customers love the experience.

Culture of Trust

Create a motivating culture without gossip and blame where people give and receive feedback, resolve issues and innovate.



Key Attitudes for Success

Eve creates the optimism pathway for confidence, resilience and persistence – all needed to succeed in tough times.

Childhood Mindsets

Eve’s ‘MAGIC BOX’ strategy for a successful mindset unearths childhood thinking patterns that impact our actions.

Your session was certainly a show stopper as well as being great reinforcement of what positive thinking can lead to.”

Reserve Bank of Australia