Presenting In Public Workshop

“This workshop is well timed. Excellent investment in our people”
” This workshop was relevant for me in my work role.”
Average score: 4.6 / 5

2018 Sept 4 –Tumut NSW

Have you ever noticed how some people leave an impression on you, even when they’ve only spoken to you for a few minutes, whereas you can spend hours with others that are largely unremarkable? It’s not a mystery, it’s not luck, there are many things you can do to become someone who communicates much more powerfully in your day-to-day interactions.

In this workshop, we will learn learn to:

  • Develop a powerful mindset to enjoy public presentations
  • Make presenting a passion not a fear
  • Understand and overcome common mistakes when presenting
  • Learn essential skills to present professionally

Presenting In Public Workshop Outline

This half-day workshop will be interactive, with discussion, skill building activities, case studies and videos.

Maximising your Mindset

  • Develop a powerful mindset for confident speaking
  • Make a positive first impression – find your engaging self!
  • Be brave and have fun: make presenting a passion not a fear
  • Impress with your own body language and tone, not turn people off

Mini-presentations – Honing Skills

  • Find out about the audience
  • Give an overview of presentation, have fun with numbers
  • Make it interesting and relevant
  • Involve the audience and stimulate discussion
  • Manage questions and answers professionally
  • Control the discussion
  • Read the group and adjust

Powerful Sound Bites

  • The use of 1, 2, 3
  • Powerful vs pedestrian
  • Meaningful and memorable
  • Less is more

Off the Cuff – Openers and Closers

  • Creatively use the power of openers and closers
  • Powerful closer – action ending

Action Plan and Evaluation

” I liked all of speaking in public workshop very beneficial”
“Always interesting”
” Very good”
” Always great fun and productive! “

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