Professional Development Workshop

“The workshop was Informative and enjoyable”
“Diverse methods of presentation. Provision of tools and methods of self reflection.”
“The workshop covered a great range of topics and was delivered in an engaging and hands on way.”
Average Score: 4.9 / 5

2018 Sept 5 – Tumut, NSW


This one-day workshop will be interactive, with discussion, skill building activities, case studies and videos:

1. Creating a Winning Mindset

  • Review psychological approach, personal scripts, ‘magic box’ and key attitudes for success
  • Negative Land of W and Positive Land of W
  • ‘Rewriting scripts’ and achieving goals

2. Powerful Service Attitudes

  • The importance of service levels and mood
  • How to choose your mood, be mindful, flexible and rewrite scripts
  • Switch on caring
  • Learn from mistakes: 4-step approach to learn from mistakes
  • Identifying our service gaps

3. Communication and Influence

  • Impact of the way we present: the power of tone, volume and choice of words
  • Develop a powerful mindset for confident speaking
  • Become a calm communication champion – handle difficult people
  • Team Building and Feedback Skills
  • Resilience and Stress Management
  • Action Plan for Ongoing Development

4. Team Building and Feedback Skills

  • Establishing team ground rules
  • Learn feedback skills for difficult co-workers, staff or managers
  • Practise how to give and receive feedback professionally

5. Resilience and Stress Management

  • How to use your mindset scripts to overcome stress and setbacks
  • Learn best ways to manage your own stress in a difficult situation
  • Improve your time management and prioritising skills to best manage stress

6. Action Plan for Ongoing Development

  • Evaluation and wrap up
” Reinforced the importance of many subjects covered”
” I was able to relate to my exp. Very good.”
“Great tools to assist me in my new workspace
“Great information, ideas & life skills.”
“I feel the topics presented will help me at work and in my personal life”
“Great general skills workshop for anyone”
“Skills from this workshop can/will be used in both my professional life and home life”
“Eve is absolutely fantastic, gentle and a good listener.”
“Engaging, involved group.”
“Presentation was inclusive and fun”
“Eve was wonderful at presenting (NOT BORING)”
” Innovative and interesting, kept things moving with variety.”
“Eve is so knowledgeable, well-paced.”
“Super relationship and down to earth and just an amazing presenter”
“The activities and videos were well presented and funny. They created an enjoyable learning platform.”
“The activities and videos were engaging – videos humorous delivered their points clearly.”
“Lots of fun plus great learning tools”
” Enjoyed these very much. Funny and appropriate.”
“The activities and videos were a great way to know how to implement strategies.”
“Thank you so much! Very enjoyable day.”
” Loved the positive scripts Box! I will carry it with me.”
“Really enjoyed the whole session – thanks”

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