Dealing With Change Workshop

“Overall the workshop was very targeted, well focused & facilitated.”
“The workshop is well timed. Excellent investment in our people”

2018 Sept 4 – Tumut, NSW

Is fear of change holding you back from making important life decisions? When things go badly in our lives, we sometimes lose perspective. However, with a determined switch in our habits and behaviors, we can open our eyes to a new way forward.

This workshop is designed for anyone wanting to improve their ability to deal with change positively in the workplace and build resilience.

Workshop Outline

This half-day workshop will be interactive, with discussion, skill building activities, case studies and videos.

Translating the Vision
• Presents vision
• Q&A
• Small group translations and report back

Mapping Challenges
Decision making and planning skills

ACTIVITY – Group discussion and problem solving pairs: Challenges we have been facing
• Knowing what is going on across the organisation
• Knowing who is in their office or not
• Knowing what the priority for the organisation is
• Knowing what is happening with the change in funding and what effect it has on our work
• Knowing who should be kept up to date
• Knowing what is my responsibility in gathering the most current organisational information?
• Working part time and not able to keep up to date with what has changed this week
• What can I do to stay informed and be involved?
• What has changed, why are we changing and are the changes drastic?
• What do I as a staff member need to communicate about my organisation?

Visualising Vs Venting
Focus on ADVANTAGES of change – not DISADVANTAGES.
Focus on DISADVANTAGES of not changing!

ACTIVITY – Drop of a hat challenge

change your mood

Building Resilience

  • Give yourself the best chance to bounce back.
  • Be aware of how you are responding to a bad situation.
  • Learn from your past, avoid making the same mistakes.
  • Recommit to your goals.

Action Plan and Evaluation


” The discussion and involvement opportunities were well managed “
” I found the whole presentation very good as always”
” Always great fun and productive! ”
” The feedback offered by Eve was most beneficial, practical and useful”
“I found all of it very good. There isn’t anything I can single out.”

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