7 Steps to Help New Managers Succeed

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Apr 18, 2018

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Managers play a key role in how well the organization is overcoming business challenges and maintaining competitiveness in the market. However, new managers are often left to learn new skills through trial by fire. There are several key aspects organizations should address proactively to train managers for their new roles.

In this complimentary Training Industry webinar, sponsored by BizLibrary, psychologist Eve Ash will share seven essential foundations for quality leadership and the challenges new managers face, along with practical guidance you can use when helping new managers succeed and grow these skills.

This webinar will share insights like these:

  • How managers can effectively explain goals and standards to help the entire team work cohesively
  • The importance of providing feedback in ways that help employees grow
  • How managers can both challenge employees and extend recognition for their contributions
7 steps for new managers to succeed

7 Steps to Help New Managers Succeed

1. Explain goals and standards
Helps the whole team work more cohesively

2.Provide guidance and feedback
Help your employees grow and develop skills

3. Manage time, reduce stress
Overcome time pressures with a calm approach

4. Listen with empathy
Listening is the greatest skill a manager must have

5. Communicate positively
Be confident, clear and decisive… set the tone

6. Challenge, acknowledge and reward
Find ways to extend recognition for their contributions

7. Create the right culture for your team
Culture directly impacts productivity and job satisfaction

Be a great manager and leader
  • Show care and interest in everyone in the team
  • Ensure professional standards and boundaries
  • Model behaviors that inspire a happy, productive atmosphere

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