Survival Skills for Managers Workshop

Leadership development training workshop

2017 Sep 13th – 14th, Meritus Mandarin, Singapore
2017 Sep 11th – 12th, Sinapore – MIT Alliance for Resarch and Technology (SMART) Centrex, Singapore
2016, Sep 29th – 30th, Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel, Singapore

“Best program I’ve ever attended (5++)”

Become the manager that everyone wants to work with, and respects

Leaders know how to engage their people and build a culture of success – boosting productivity, service quality, turnover and ultimately, profit.

Surprisingly, research by Gallup has revealed that globally only 10% of people have essential leadership traits to ensure team excellence yet they can boost profit 50% more than an average manager. High quality leadership training is a must.

Learning Methodology

This intensive 2 Day workshop is designed to give participants skills to be confident in managing people and performance. You will be taken through a series of stages:

  • Understand essential leadership skills
  • Self-awareness and winning mindsets
  • Communication skills for managing people
  • Selecting and building a high performing team
  • Managing yourself and team for optimal performance
  • Confidence to continue to develop self and others

This interactive program provides techniques for new and experienced managers to use when managing a small or large team. This powerful toolkit of people management skills will provide specific skills for immediate application back at work. Participants will learn techniques, see them in action and complete a number of leadership activities, role-plays and skill building exercises.

Skill Development

Develop leadership expertise and confidence to inspire your people

  • Managers and leaders with small or large teams, working face-to-face or managing staff virtuall
  • Experienced managers wanting to enhance their leadership skills to a new level of excellence
  • New managers who must hit the ground running with skills and confidence
  • Anyone who must fast track their people management skills and ensure a productive team
  • Change champions who must lead others through improvements, challenges, and tough times
Day 1
  • Best Practice: 7 Essential Leadership Skills
  • Create winning mindsets to achieve goals
  • Advanced communication skills for managers
  • How to select the best people for your team
Day 2
  • Build a culture for high performance
  • Coaching and the art of feedback
  • Plan, prioritise and complete
  • My leadership plan of action

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Survival Skills for Managers  Survival Skills for Managers workshop

” Very much enjoyed the program. People felt comfortable to share and engage.”

” Loved it! Wish it was longer! “

” Amazing! I had really been looking fwd to such a workshop! Eve was a very good coach!”

” Super friendly and open to questions – you are amazing Eve Ash!”

” Awesome, the best on a leadership course.”

” Very effective. I didn’t feel lost at any point during the 2-day workshop, which is a big thing!”

“Best management workshop I have ever done.”

“I thought Eve was fantastic, and wish more companies and individuals could hear what she has to say and take away the wisdom she so eloquently and effectively shares.”

“She’s warm, funny, down-to-earth…”

“Eve inspired, entertained and motivated our delegates.”

“Best program I’ve ever attended (5++)”

“Her extensive business knowledge, creativity and practical experience unite people towards a common vision and goal.”

“She challenges and stimulates people at all levels…”

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