How to Manage the Most Challenging People at Work

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In this webinar Eve Ash will focus on practical strategies you can use and develop to deal with difficult people at work, and tackles seven people problems that are most difficult to handle:

1. Complainers
Turn complaints into congratulations. Complainers can become your best advocates because you listened and solved their problem.

2. Procrastinators
Procrastination is a waste of time! When you mange your time, you decrease stress and increase results.

3. Disrespectful
Respect is earned. Demanding respect doesn’t work.

4. Moody
Give “moody” people some emotional space, don’t take their behavior personally, and offer a tactful ear (perhaps over lunch) if you sense they need to have a chat.

5. Needy
Show patience and grace, remembering when you’ve felt uncertain and unclear.

6. Controllers
Controllers and manipulators can be anyone.

7. Aggressive
Stay calm: manage your emotions. Minimize escalation: Avoid a conflict spiral!

This webinar is suitable for everyone, and you will discover useful strategies and techniques for managing your team, your colleagues and even your difficult clients or managers.

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