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4 Ways to Boost Your Leadership Skills
In this course Eve Ash, Psychologist and Founder Seven Dimensions, interviews Dr Judy Olian, President, Quinnipiac University to explore some practical advice and strategies for boosting your leadership. President of Quinnipiac University, Dr Judy Olian has met many leaders. One of the qualities of ... read more
New Release Interactive course with lessons, pre-test, and post-test
4 Ways to Enhance your Career
Say 'yes' to new career opportunities and most people will find a new injection of career rocket fuel. As Dr Judy Olian, President, Quinnipiac University, explains to Eve Ash, accepting unusual roles as they present themselves allows people to 'step out of the safe zone', take calculated risks, lear... read more
New Release Interactive course with lessons, pre-test, and post-test
Encourage Truth-tellers
The higher you climb in an organization, the more isolated you become. Dr Judy Olian believes this is when a leader most needs to be surrounded by truth-tellers. The risks of becoming insular in ones role are considerable, such as becoming isolated from ones customers, and no longer correctly perc... read more
Learn from Failure
Whats good about failure? It's valuable if you learn from it. Dr Judy Olian tells Eve Ash that having experienced many failures, she has learned to ask what responsibility she bore, and to recognize when it had nothing to do with her. Failure isnt fatal, she says, we can all move forward. The crit... read more
Learn More about Yourself
A crucial ingredient in authentic leadership is self-awareness. Dr Judy Olian explains to Eve Ash that not only do you need self-understanding, you must also take into account how others perceive you. You must not only be honest with yourself, you must be willing to take others' feedback, internaliz... read more
Maintain a Healthy Balance
People look for role models who are healthy, Dr Judy Olian tells Eve Ash. Leaders who are slaves to work, not having a personal life, are not whole. As role models, leaders legitimize everyone elses behavior. This means leaders need a healthy family and work balance. Its how you eat, exercise, sle... read more
Say YES to New Assignments
With not enough people to do all the jobs that need doing, Dr Judy Olian makes a practice of saying YES when asked. She tells Eve Ash when taking on new assignments, you learn what you're good at, you acquire new skills and discover hidden talents. People view you in new ways. Being afraid of new jo... read more
Seek Team Diversity
The reason many leaders appoint people like themselves is because they dont make leaders feel uncomfortable. Team diversity is the antidote, recommended by Dr Judy Olian. She tells Eve Ash that when forming a management team, one needs to consider organizational needs and use self-awareness to buil... read more
Step Out of the Safe Zone
If you invert the typical career pyramid, Dr Judy Olian explains to Eve Ash, you actually broaden your skill set. Unless youre willing to take a risk and fail, you won't move forward. There is always the risk you might not succeed, but it is ok to fail. The upside is that you know much more than yo... read more
Uphold 100% Integrity
Dr Judy Olian tells Eve Ash about the importance of practicing 100% integrity, especially when there aren't clear rules and guidelines. She counsels -if it doesn't feel right, don't do it-. Even agreeing to do something just once becomes the new normal. It is easier (and better) to uphold integrit... read more