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If you invert the typical career pyramid, Dr Judy Olian explains to Eve Ash, you actually broaden your skill set. Unless youre willing to take a risk and fail, you won't move forward. There is always the risk you might not succeed, but it is ok to fail. The upside is that you know much more than you otherwise would have. Seek risks, dont be afraid to fail, keep going, she says. This is the path to self-discovery and new opportunities.

Dr Judy Olian explains to Eve Ash that to broaden ones career, one must step out of the safe zone by:

  • Trying unfamiliar things
  • Being willing to accept risk
  • Not holding oneself up to 100% success every time something new is attempted
  • Remembering this is the way to self-discovery and new opportunities
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Jan 1, 2020
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Judy Olian
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