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Skills for Me is an engaging adn entertaining series featuring psychologists Eve Ash and Peter Quarry delivering practical techniques and succinct advice for dealing with challenging interpersonal situations. The programs address sensitive and personal issues like giving feedback, dealing with stress and how to best manage your communication with others. The videos are short, round 8-10 minutes each, and eLearning interactive courses have been created around each title.

Learning points

  • Become empowered to tackle interpersonal challenges
  • Learn to communicate more effectively and succinctly
  • Discover how to tell someone something sensitive, like the problem of body odor or being a rambler
  • Learn strategies to manage being overloaded, feeling stressed or even excluded
  • Find out how apologies can reduce conflict
Communication Skills
Conflict / Difficult People
Time / Planning
Release Date
Aug 1, 2022
Seven Dimensions
Featured Talent
Eve Ash
Peter Quarry
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Apologize and reduce conflict
Apologize and Reduce Conflict is a course that acknowledges we all make mistakes or realise we are in the wrong. It's how we deal with our mistakes that makes the difference. Many people view an apology as a sign of weakness but apologizing for our mistakes requires a lot of strength and self-awaren... read more
Interactive course with lessons, pre-test, and post-test
Curtail the rambler
Curtail the Rambler is a course designed to provide skills to respectfully deal with a coworker, customer or supplier who takes too long to get to the point. In this course you will learn ways to deal with long-winded talkers. It can be difficult to tell people that they talk too much, and even more... read more
Interactive course with lessons, pre-test, and post-test
Give feedback about body odor
Give Feedback about Body Odor is a course to help develop skills to tackle the hard task of telling someone they have body odor or bad breath - a surprisingly common problem faced by many people. But how do you tell them in a way that doesn't upset or offend them, and create even more problems? It i... read more
Interactive course with lessons, pre-test, and post-test
Manage overload and relieve stress
Manage Overload and Relieve Stress is a course to help people struggling with issues of stress, anxiety and overload that affect them at work and at home. In this course you will learn to manage stress and overload and restore work-life balance by changing your mindset and taking positive action to ... read more
Interactive course with lessons, pre-test, and post-test
Overcome feeling excluded
Overcome Feeling Excluded is a course in the SKILLS FOR ME SERIES to provide skills for people who feel excluded from what is happening. Exclusion negatively affects morale, productivity, communication and collaboration in the workplace. In today's world of constant social media communication, Fear ... read more
Interactive course with lessons, pre-test, and post-test