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In this program Eve Ash, Psychologist and Founder Seven Dimensions, interviews Sadhana Smiles, Director, RealChange to explore some practical advice and strategies. Strategies for tackling bullying at the senior levels are essentials, says Sadhana Smiles when she covers:
• Types of bullying
• Is undermining bullying?
• Bullying by text & email
• Bullying phone calls
• Responding to bullying
• Discussing the problem
• Zero tolerance
• Training & documentation
• Facts provide insight
• The bully
• Take action

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Insights and Strategies Series
Psychologist Eve Ash interviews experts and business leaders who share their experiences and their strategies for achieving best practice.Topics cover key leadership and people skills, safety, marketing, career and interpersonal skills. Discover practical strategies to implement and solve business p... read more
Bullying / Harassment
Conflict / Difficult People
Diversity / Respect
Stress / Safety / Wellbeing
Release Date
Jan 1, 2015
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Seven Dimensions
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Eve Ash
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