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Bullying can spread in the office and affect everyone. It can destroy people's morale and affect their performance at work. Every workplace should have a policy that forbids bullying at any level, and rules that everyone understands.

Bullying happens in many workplaces but that does not make it ok. Bullying should not be ignored and it should not be excused. It is unacceptable and it is illegal.


Serena expects Marcus to stamp out bullying within his department. Marcus is shocked that bullying exists in his team, and takes a radical approach to bullying awareness. He challenges people to bully each other so they can discuss the feelings that arise. Some team members seem rather skilled at the task while others struggle to cope. Marcus reinforces that bullying cannot be tolerated in the team.

Key Learning Points

Bullying is repeated intimidation. It’s unacceptable and illegal.

  • Don’t wait for a bullying incident INSTEAD:Make prevention training a priority
  • Don’t be vague about bullying INSTEAD:Clarify what constitutes bullying
  • Don’t ignore the impact of bullying INSTEAD:Ensure everyone feels safe
  • Don’t put up with being bullied INSTEAD:Make sure all bullying is stopped

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Jan 1, 2019
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