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KEEP Promises teaches learners to be develop four KEEP skills that everyone relies on. There is something reassuring about a person who KEEPs promises. Psychologist Eve Ash explores this special personality everyone admires: Keen, Explicit, Efficient and Proud.

Once this video/course is completed you will have learned the power prompt and reliable – someone who gets things done with a minimum of fuss and negativity. You will be armed with the four KEEP skills to ensure a team is humming and delivering efficiently. You will enjoy being keen – determined, committed, on the ball and explicit – clarifying and agreeing on expectations. You will find ways to manage time and tasks so you are efficient, and you will take pride in doing your work well.

Learning Objectives

Discover what it takes to KEEP promises:

  • Be Keen – be determined with the right attitude
  • Be explicit – clarify and agree on expectations
  • Be efficient – track progress, manage time and be task-focused
  • Be proud – enjoy completing work properly and in full

Interactive eLearning course

This video program is also available as a short stimulating eLearning course with interactive learning modules, recap activities, inline video and quiz assessments, designed to engage learners and build skills.

This is available as part of

2 Minutes To Success Series
A series of two minute microlearning videos from psychology experts with practical advice and techniques to help you tackle workplace problems and be more productive, less stressed, improve your image and regain control of your life. There are programs to deal with challenging people and situations,... read more
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Release Date
Jan 1, 2020
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Seven Dimensions
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Eve Ash
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