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Develop 10 Healthy Work Habits is a timely course to motivate health awareness and develop wellbeing. Being healthy has a positive impact on job performance as well as on personal lives. Everyone can benefit from reviewing their habits and improving the way they manage their own health.

In this course you will learn about 10 healthy work habits from psychologists Peter Quarry and Eve Ash. Research shows that people who are physically and psychologically healthy perform better at work. When you maintain a healthy lifestyle you can manage your time more efficiently and be more effective with managing stress. You are more likely to have better energy levels and are less likely to get sick. When you are healthy and fit you are also more self-confident, and this can have a positive impact on others. In general, being healthier usually means feeling happier and being more productive.

  • Learn about 10 healthy work habits that can impact your physical and mental health
  • Exercise and fit physical activity into your working day
  • Eat well at work
  • Develop healthy thinking
  • Talk with someone to debrief stress
  • Overcome computer and screen fatigue
  • Learn to manage conflict
  • Have your say
  • Be grateful
  • Leave work at work and maintain a healthy work/life balance
  • Nurture yourself
New Release
Stress / Safety / Wellbeing
Psychology/Mental Health
Release Date
Nov 24, 2022
Course Length (minutes)
Seven Dimensions
Featured Talent
Eve Ash
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