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Get the Best from Exit Interviews is an important course to enable leaders to recognize the value of, and best ways to conduct, exit interviews. An exit interview may be in the form of a meeting, discussion or survey for employees when they are about to leave an organization or workplace. The purpose of an exit interview is to assess the overall employee experience within the organization and identify opportunities for improvement in management and work practices.

The 'interview' process varies from one organization to another, but the aim is for the employee to share information about their experience in the company - positive and negative. In this course psychologist Eve Ash explains nine essential issues to get the most out of an exit interview.

  • Learn nine essentials to get the most out of an exit interview
  • Use online surveys
  • Choose the best time to conduct an exit interview
  • Have an independent person conduct the exit interview
  • Pool and share information from the interview
  • Encourage honesty through open discussion
  • Ask good quality questions
  • Be open to all relevant feedback
  • Use information to drive improvement
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Feedback / Coaching
Selection / Interviewing
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Nov 24, 2022
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Seven Dimensions
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Eve Ash
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