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In this video, you will discover how to research like a sleuth, and get to the source, facts or solution. Former homicide task force leader Colin McLaren explains to Eve Ash how too many people are casual about details and need to learn to dig deep, be persistent, open-minded, responsible and challenge where necessary.

Colin refers to his case studies of investigating Princess Diana's death and JFK's assassination, stressing the importance of getting to the source and mastering all the facts. He balances a competitive instinct for digging deepest with the necessity for retaining an open mind when considering a problem. It is essential to be fearless in your presentation of information, challenging when it’s called for, seeking correct outcomes and remaining as accurate as possible. Get it right first time, follow procedures, maintain your principles and never give up.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine the skills and attitudes for researching and getting to the truth
  • Apply perseverance to find answers
  • Show the need to challenge the status quo if necessary
  • Solve ambiguities by digging deep into the layers
  • Show that by getting it right, you cannot be criticized
  • Apply correct procedures and principles in a methodical way
  • Demonstrate perseverance for getting to the source/truth

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Jan 1, 2020
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Colin McLaren
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