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In this program Eve Ash, Psychologist and Founder Seven Dimensions, interviews Ben Walkenhorst, Founder, no fussing about to explore some practical advice and strategies. Ben Walkenhorst says you must understand your brand and ensure it represents the image you want:
• The key to marketing & branding
• The value proposition
• The brand essence 1. Social 2. Functional 3. Emotional
• Consider your brand as a character
• The brand identity
• Brand evolution
• Marketing essentials

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This video program is also available as a short stimulating eLearning course with interactive learning modules, recap activities, inline video and quiz assessments, designed to engage learners and build skills.

eLearning description
Creating Your Brand Proposition is a course that provides useful strategies to build your brand. Ben Walkenhorst, marketing consultant shares tips with Eve Ash about creating brand propositions through understanding what comprises a brand essence, envisaging your brand as a character, how brand is both a compass and removes irrelevant opportunities, and why it should evolve.

Once this course is completed, you will have learned that a good brand strategy points your business in the right direction while cutting away opportunities that dont mesh with your objectives.

elearning course learning objectives
Examine and understand your brand to ensure it represents the image you want;
Identify the key to marketing and branding and the value proposition;
Identify the brand essence  social, functional and emotional aspects;
Examine your brand as a character;
Identify brand identity and brand evolution;

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Insights and Strategies Series
Psychologist Eve Ash interviews experts and business leaders who share their experiences and their strategies for achieving best practice.Topics cover key leadership and people skills, safety, marketing, career and interpersonal skills. Discover practical strategies to implement and solve business p... read more
Business Excellence
Creativity / Innovation
Marketing / Brand
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Jan 1, 2015
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Seven Dimensions
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Eve Ash
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