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Eve Ash describes the 2010 conviction and jailing of Tasmania Sue Neill-Fraser for the murder of her partner Bob Chappell. His body was never found. The case was complicated by Sue's lies and confused testimony to police. A witness "saw" Sue previously arguing with Bob; it turned out to be Bob's sister. Sue made false confessions of where she'd been, on the basis of being traumatized and confused. She also didn't remember a jacket later picked up and identified as hers. Eve sums up the case as "people think that if she lied, then she probably killed the guy". The lies gained pre-eminence over DNA evidence later found on Sue's yacht.

Sue Neill-Fraser's was convicted of murdering her partner:

  • There was no body
  • She told lies of her whereabouts to police
  • She was traumatized, anxious and forgot what she'd been doing
  • A witness misidentified her
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Jan 1, 2020
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Eve Ash
Dr Elizabeth Loftus
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