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There is an expression "Telling isn't training". Keep this in mind when you are training, and incorporate a variety of methods into your sessions. Energize your group and keep them interested. More hands-on activities, and less talk, will give your participants a chance to apply what they’re learning and get feedback on it.

Interesting information is not enough by itself. Facilitate learning by challenging your trainees. Use a variety of instructional techniques to keep them interested and engaged. Transform your training from boring to brilliant.


Sam, Barney and Carol agree that what’s needed for masterful training is good structuring and session design and crisp delivery. Marcus praises Carol for her organizational skills, although Serena thinks she’s somewhat too good with catchy acronyms. Casey points out that an effective trainer is attuned to people’s different learning styles. Marcus brings fun to training with boxing kangaroos for conflict resolution and hat day for exploring stereotyping and prejudice. Serena likes to break sessions into small groups and give them a challenge. Sam commends Steve’s approach to storytelling, giving facts along the way that can be retained for future use. Sam also favors mnemonic devices for remembering key points. Dion and Carol emphasize the importance of skill building and keeping energy levels high, which can be done for example through role-plays that provide opportunities for correction and practice.

Learning points

  • Don’t be a lazy trainer INSTEAD: Plan and structure sessions
  • Don’t just lecture INSTEAD: Be creative and energize learners
  • Don’t expect mastery INSTEAD: Build skills with role-plays
  • Don’t waste opportunities INSTEAD: Embed the learning

Interactive eLearning course

This video program is also available as a short stimulating eLearning course with interactive learning modules, recap activities, inline video and quiz assessments, designed to engage learners and build skills.

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