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Unprofessional behavior can be actions or words. Invading someone's personal space, flirting or inappropriate touching is unprofessional. Discussing people's private lives and making personal comments is unprofessional. These behaviors do not belong at work.

At work it is important to behave professionally with everyone. Managing your boundaries will prevent embarrassment, complaints or arguments.


Various members of the team discuss what they see as unprofessional behavior. Cutting Edge Corporation has a Book of Rules listing unprofessional behaviors. These are set out and explained by team members:

  1. Being Rude – examples of Carol being aggressive and insulting to her colleagues.
  2. Taking Supplies – staff taking office equipment. It is illegal.
  3. Personal Media – can be distracting and invasive of people’s privacy.
  4. Inappropriate Dress – clean and neat, not provocative.
  5. Name Calling – insulting or racist remarks may be against the law.
  6. Flirting – stepping over boundaries of acceptable behavior.
  7. Relationships at Work – personal relationships with colleagues should be kept out of the office.
  8. Touching – some gestures are acceptable, but many are not acceptable.

Key Learning Points

People understand professional behavior. Yet many behave unprofessionally at work.

  • Don’t be rude and insensitive INSTEAD: Show respect to others
  • Don’t abuse privileges INSTEAD: Be responsible and trustworthy
  • Don’t flirt or misbehave INSTEAD: Maintain professional relationships
  • Don’t mix personal and business INSTEAD: Manage boundaries

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