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Skills in presenting can be learned and improved. A good presentation is more than just your words — your body language, your tone of voice and how you engage your audience are as important as what you actually say. Presenting should be done with energy and it must be relevant.

Effective presenters engage with their audience. They observe, ask questions and build rapport. Pitch your presentations so they are interesting and relevant.


Carol runs a training session on overcoming fear and changing their presentations from BLAND to GRAND. Carol tells Serena she is being long winded, the L in BLAND. Carol invites everyone to present on a ‘surprise’ item, then gives feedback on their performance, linking it to her formula. Steve is the only one to make a GRAND presentation using great body language and tone

Key Learning Points

Making a boring presentation is stressful. Inspiring others with your words is fun.

  • Don’t speak with Boring tone INSTEAD: Use Genuine tone
  • Don’t be Long-winded INSTEAD: Deliver Right amount
  • Don’t Avoid engagement INSTEAD: Ask questions
  • Don’t show Neutral body language INSTEAD: Use Natural body language
  • Don’t Disregard audience cues INSTEAD: Divert as needed

Boring tone
Avoids engagement
Neutral body language
Disregards audience cues

Genuine tone
Right amount
Ask questions
Natural body language
Divert as needed

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Jan 1, 2012
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