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Everyone can make a mistake. Blaming people for their mistakes does not resolve the issue. People can get defensive and it may even cause more mistakes to happen! In a no-blame culture people admit their mistakes openly.


Carol has created an innovative Corporate Social Responsibility program that is being launched to the media. Serena calls a meeting to find out who is behind it. Carol proudly stakes her claim until it is discovered that a disastrous typographical error in the press release has given the company some enormous, undesirable publicity. Fingers are pointed and chaos erupts as the team looks for solutions and a way to ensure similar mistakes don’t occur in the future. Marcus and Carol roll out a 4-step plan to ensure everyone learns from mistakes and blame is removed.

Key Learning Points

People love to blame when mistakes happen. Yet mistakes are the invitation to innovate.

  • Don't blame when something goes wrong INSTEAD: Be brave and openly share mistakes
  • Don’t exaggerate the damage INSTEAD: Assess impact and reinforce positives
  • Don't continually complain about problems INSTEAD: Discuss best actions to fix problems
  • Don’t abandon good ideas after a problem INSTEAD: See opportunities to learn and innovate

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Jan 1, 2012
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