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Boomerang- The Power of Reciprocity is a simple engaging course with an animated video that explains how reciprocity can help or hinder is in interactions and relationships at work.

Psychologist Peter Quarry explains that the Reciprocity Urge is a basic drive in all of us. It compels us to return favors, to repay kindness with kindness, to reciprocate in kind when someone gives us something. Reciprocity is a universally accepted practice. It involves treating others the way they treat us.

Boomerangs are a metaphor for our positive and negative energies and an illustration of the Reciprocity Urge in all of us. When we throw a boomerang, it comes back to us. Similarly, when we behave in a certain way, that behavior will come back to us from the other person- just like a boomerang. What goes around comes around is one way to describe this phenomenon.

  • Understand that the universal urge to reciprocate can work in positive and negative directions
  • Learn that our words, actions and other behavior send out mental-emotional boomerangs
  • Realize that you can create your own problems through the boomerangs you (perhaps unconsciously) throw out to others
  • Look inwards to recognize and start making changes
  • Learn that interactions with others become more positive when you initiate and respond positively
  • Learn how reciprocity influences people's behavior in teams, service situations and in relationships
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Nov 24, 2022
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