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Take PRIDE in your work during the COVID era is a course with a strong message about the quality of our work remaining high and continuously improving. Psychologist Eve Ash explores taking pride in delivering excellence, ensuring you stand out and succeed, rather than falling into a mindless routine.

Once this course is completed you will have learned how aiming for the very highest standard – Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence – is even more improtant in the nidst of a crisis and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

elearning course learning objectives

  • Identify and apply the PRIDE formula – Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence
  • Demonstrate PRIDE in difficult times
  • Personal - improve self-discipline and explore different ways to connect with others
  • Responsibility - demonstrate reliability and consistency, also taking care of loved ones
  • In the moment – utilize the time you have now
  • Delivering – demonstrate quality, attention to detail, being efficient and timely
  • Excellence – continuously improve, raising the bar each time

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2 Minutes To Success Series
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