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Be a Hero in the COVID era is a universal course covering the four ingredients that add up to becoming a HERO in the workplace, especially needed in crisis times like a pandemic. Psychologist Eve Ash explains the necessary qualities of being Honest, Ethical, Respectful and Optimistic.

Once this course is completed, you will have learned that anyone can learn to be a HERO and demonstrate being honest, ethical, respectful, optimistic, raising the personal bar for themselves and others.

elearning course learning objectives

  • Identify and apply the four characteristics that describe a true HERO at work in the COVID era
  • Demonstrate being Honest - someone who is truthful, gives faccurate eedback and honest criticism
  • Demonstrate being Ethical - someone who does the right thing for themselves, the team, the organization and the community
  • Demonstrate being Respectful - treating all people with civility, no matter what experience, culture or nationality they encounter
  • Demonstrate being Optimistic - looking for the upside in all situations and looking for opportunity

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