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    Project positively, listen and respect others and be clear and engaging.

    Dion thinks it-s fine to interrupt a discussion with Serena by taking a call. Tatiana rolls her eyes, sighs and is not attentive. Carol complains that the interns speak in text talk. The interns have something in common: inadequate communication skills. They are told the importance of positive body language - good eye contact and smiling, and listening and showing respect. Alex patiently coaches Dion to deal with an anxious customer on the phone, while Tatiana is told how to productively raise questions in meetings.

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    Success at Work Series
    Learn key employability skills. Ten fun videos for school leavers, college students and new starters to achieve success at work.Two new interns arrive at Cutting Edge but not everything goes smoothly.Dion is the overconfident smart talking nephew of the boss. Tatiana speaks five languages but must w... read more DVD Media Purchase @ AUD1,320.00
    Assertiveness / Confidence
    Career / Job Interviews
    Communication Skills
    Release Date
    Jan 1, 2014
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    Seven Dimensions
    Eve Ash
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