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Controlling Credit Card Debt is a useful course for anyone struggling to manage debt, or help others with credit card or debt issues. Financial stress, often the result of ballooning credit card debt, can affect all aspects of life- including our focus and productivity at work. It can be hard to resist the lure of "buy now, pay later" enticements that credit offers. In this course psychologist Peter Quarry speaks with independent financial advisor Freda Miriklis about how to prevent being caught in a debt spiral. You will learn how a credit card can help build a strong financial future and establish an excellent credit score- or it can lead to a mountain of debt taking years to repay. Learn to be smart and use credit to your advantage. Learn to stay on top of your spending  spend only what you can afford to pay back. Pay your credit card on time every month to avoid interest. Credit cards, correctly used, will provide benefits.

  • Understand the real costs of credit and knowing how credit cards work
  • Learn to use a credit card appropriately, or switch to a debit card
  • Prioritize credit card repayments and pay the full amount due on the closing balance to avoid paying interest
  • Consolidate multiple credit cards and reduce debt
  • Learn to buy what you can afford- never spend more than you earn
  • Save for a goal beyond debt repayment
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Legal / Financial
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Nov 24, 2022
Course Length (minutes)
Seven Dimensions
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Peter Quarry
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