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Workplace crime and accident investigations must be taken very seriously. In this video, Colin McLaren, former homicide task force leader, itemizes all the necessary steps for conducting an investigation, including scrupulous note-taking and diagrams, photos, witness statements, and recording conversations. He counsels the importance of being fair, calm, unbiased, frank and in control. Above all, an investigator must be diligent, open-minded and questioning in pursuit of the truth. The objective is to get admissions – in writing.

When workplace crimes occur:
• Document everything in a notebook
• Add diagrams and sketches
• Use a camera
• Note what people (witnesses) saw
• Never start with a theory
• Ask questions to get facts
• Be fair, frank and take control
• Failure to search is failure to find!
• Build rapport
• Get admissions in writing
• Consider video or voice recording
• Note, time and date of any refusals

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Jan 1, 2020
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Colin McLaren
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