Downloaded video is used to play our course videos outside of the website and optionally without Internet access.  A typical use is a trainer giving a classroom training course.  Downloaded video is higher quality than streaming so it can be more readily used on a large screen or projection monitor.  Click here for help with Downloaded Video.

Trainer Licensing is used to download a DRM play license ahead of a training session when the training will occur without Internet access. 

System requirements
Video downloads are supported on Windows PC and Macintosh with differences by browser and browser version.  Microsoft Silverlight v5 is required.
  • PC Users
    • Video Downloads are supported in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Edge with some differneces.  All browsers support playing the video when there is Internet access available while playing the video.
    • Offline playing video without Internet access requires prior downloading Trainer Licenses to a PC or Mac.  Trainer License downloads require Internet Explorer 11 or Firefox 52 ESR.
  • Mac Users
  • All video downloads and downloading trainer licenses requires Firefox 52 ESR release. 
Installing Firefox 52 ESR (if necessary):
Certain features for downloading video are available only with browsers that support plugins.  These browsers include Internet Explorer 11 (PC Only), older Firefox releases, and Firefox (PC and Mac) 52 ESR.  Note: ESR is an Extended Support Release offered by Mozilla and is recommended over older releases. 

For PC users to download DRM licenses in advance to play video without Internet access, one must use Internet Explorer 11 or Firefox 52 ESR.

For Mac users, you must use Firefox 52 ESR to download video and to download video licenses.

To download and install the 52 ESR release, go to  Select the appropriate WIN32, WIN64, or Mac directory. Select the appropriate language (eg en-US or es-MX). Click on the link, download and install.

Requesting Trainer Licensing
You must have trainer or administrator privileges to use downloaded video or trainer licensing AND you must be using Internet Explorer 11 or Firefox 52 ESR.  See your account administrator if you have questions about your privileges.

You must have previously downloaded and installed the video where trainer licensing is requested. 

Go to the course detail page, using the Video tab.  In the Trainer Licensing section (bottom of the page), you will have one of two options depending on your license type:
  • License for xxx plays, where you can set xxx to any value between 1 and 10.  Click on Acquire License.  Each play authorizes you for one 3 hour window of time to play the video.

    Each window’s time will start when you first play the video in that window of time.  For example, if you download 2 plays, you can use a 3 hour block of time today and another tomorrow.

  • License for xxx days after first play, where you can set xxx to any value between 1 and 7 days.

    Click on Acquire License.  Each day is a 24 hour period of time, so acquiring a one day license at three in the afternoon will continue until three the following day.  For example, if you select a 2 day license, you are authorized for 48 hours beginning after your first play.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)
All downloaded video is protected by Microsoft PlayReady digital rights management or DRM.  This means that the downloaded video is encrypted and needs a “DRM play license” to be downloaded to actually play the video; it only takes a couple of seconds to obtain this license. 

The DRM play license is usually obtained when the video is played and requires Internet access to do this.  If Internet access will not be available when the video is needed, use Trainer Licensing.