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Inspirational Leadership defines and demonstrates the behaviors, attitudes and strategies of outstanding leaders. This course provides real life video case studies following highly successful leaders in different industries demonstrating the six identified behaviors and actions of inspirational leaders.

Once this video/course is completed, you will have learned how to lead by example, project passion, reach through to your people to help them reach both team and individual goals. You will discover the behaviors, attitudes and strategies of these outstanding leaders and gain insight into their passion and decision-making and how they reach goals and empower others, so you can implement these practical strategies and become an inspirational leader who builds a strong productive team.

Learning Objective

  • Identify the behaviours, attitudes and strategies of outstanding leaders
  • Examine how to lead by example
  • Identify ways to project your passion
  • Apply strategies to drive your decisions
  • Develop and empower your champions
  • Demonstrate your success by reaching your goals
  • Develop your people by giving them time and respect

Interactive eLearning course

This video program is also available as a short stimulating eLearning course with interactive learning modules, recap activities, inline video and quiz assessments, designed to engage learners and build skills.

This is available as part of

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Teamwork /Managing Teams
Release Date
Jan 1, 2020
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Seven Dimensions
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