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Collaboration doesnt just occur because you work in a team. It is fostered when people see how it works. Encourage teams to generate and value each others input, create new projects with multidisciplinary input. Find ways to build collaborative relationships online. Set and model work culture expectations of open communication, listening and asking questions, sharing of information. Forge respect through teaming on new projects and developing appreciation of peoples different skills and backgrounds.

Build collaborative relationships and break down silos by:  Keeping communication lines open and consultative.  Welcoming and utilizing peoples input.  Maintaining respect for each other even if no friendship.  Creating new multidisciplinary teams to work on projects.  Showing how different parts of a business can work together.  Solving problems and improving during crises.

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Open Communication & Teamwork
Open Communication & Teamwork demonstrates strategies to communicate effectively to achieve best results in teams. In this video/course you will learn to promote open and honest communication through the sharing of information and reducing gossip. This video/course provides real life video case stud... read more
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Jan 1, 2020
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