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In a culture where secrecy and rumor are the order of the day, people spread gossip, assumptions and misinformation. This is potentially damaging for the company reputation, not to mention relationships. Transform this problem by committing to the open and honest sharing of all information and inviting people to express their concerns. Use different media, (e.g. podcasts, webinars, Zoom meetings, blogs) to keep everyone informed.

Few organizations are immune to gossip. Stem the tide by  Commit to open and honest communication.  Share information.  Invite people to comment and enable them to express concerns.  Encourage open Q&A with the leaders of the business.  Use a range of online media and technology to keep everyone fully in the loop.

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Open Communication & Teamwork
Open Communication & Teamwork demonstrates strategies to communicate effectively to achieve best results in teams. In this video/course you will learn to promote open and honest communication through the sharing of information and reducing gossip. This video/course provides real life video case stud... read more
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Jan 1, 2020
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