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ABCDEFG- Planning and Time Management is a refreshing way to tackle and get in control of our stressful and multiple demands at work and in our personal lives. Everyone needs a simple way to reduce the overload and discover the physical and mental benefits of regaining control. Welcome to a course that will help you plan and manage time better. To deal with stress you need to recognize it and then practice strategies to reduce or manage it.

In this course psychologist Eve Ash explains that we need to change our internal scripts, and she shares her ABCDEFG formula and strategies for regaining control and reducing stress.

  • Change negative internal scripts to positive scripts that help you become more productive
  • Learn the ABCDEFG method of time management and planning
  • A - Action tasks that are high priority and/or high importance
  • B - Break the backlog of secondary tasks. Schedule what can be done later
  • C - Complete and clear tasks
  • D - Delegate tasks or dump them
  • E - Evaluate what you have achieved
  • F - Future plan based on your evaluation
  • G -Go have fun
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Time / Planning
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Nov 24, 2022
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Seven Dimensions
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Eve Ash
Peter Quarry
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