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This program covers language for preparing for and talking aboutvacations. It introduces need and don't need, simple words, expressionsand tips and a practice section.

Introduction: Carol, Barney, Steve and Serena introduce the program.
Chatting: People chat about vacations - when and where
Language and grammar: Need / Don't need
New words: trip  I  flight  I packing
Funny things we say: Homesick  I  It-s a small world I  Hold your horses
Listen and repeat: Clips selected from this video, followed by areal time gap to repeat what you hear.
Tips: Carlos (from Mexico) and Tammy (from China) share their experiences about learning English, and give some tips.

Interactive eLearning course

This video program is also available as a short stimulating eLearning course with interactive learning modules, recap activities, inline video and quiz assessments, designed to engage learners and build skills.

eLearning description

Simple English 13 – Vacation time is a highly interactive course covering the language for preparing for and talking about vacations. It introduces need and don't need, simple words, expressions and tips, learning activities and a quiz. A practice section, Listen and Repeat, includes clips from the videos, followed by real time gaps to repeat what you hear.

Simple English 13 – Vacation time is part of the Cutting Edge Simple English Series with great characters in realistic situations. Learners will enjoy practical activities that are useful at work and in life. 

Learning objectives

  • Build confidence with conversational English
  • Learn how to chat about vacations – when and where you are going
  • Learn simple grammar – Need / Don't need
  • Build vocabulary word by word – trip I flight I packing
  • Learn to confidently use everyday expressions: Homesick  I  It’s a small world  I  Hold your horses
  • Practice speaking by listening to and repeating selected clips
  • Listen to encouragement and suggestions to help build confidence learning English


This is available as part of

Simple English Series - 20 program set
The Cutting Edge Simple English Series packagewas designed by psychologist Eve Ash, linguistics expert Dr Fran Byrnesand features comedienne Erin Brown and a team of talented performersfrom the Cutting Communication Comedy Series.  It comprises 20 ground-breaking programs that combine psychology,lin... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Communication Skills
English Language Learning
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Jan 1, 2015
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Seven Dimensions
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