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Building Strategic Alliances explains how two or more businesses can achieve strategic goals that they might not necessarily achieve independently. The businesses remain separate entities but share the benefits and control over the alliance until the arrangement ceases. Strategic alliances can be struck between businesses in different regions of the world and they are especially important in times of uncertainty. Challenging times pose singular opportunities for businesses and organizations to think and position themselves differently in their markets. Unlike mergers or acquisitions, control is kept by each entity, making an alliance easier and faster to execute, something essential since the 2020 pandemic.

In Building Strategic Alliances you will find out more about how to do this successfully, and hear Peter Quarry, interviewing Glenyce Johnson, former Managing Director of Peregrine Adventures. They explore the nature and benefits of a strategic alliance and how to find a suitable partner for a strategic alliance.

  • Define a strategic alliance and the benefits
  • How to start a strategic alliance and choose a partner
  • How to negotiate the alliance and avoid pitfalls
  • Manage the situation if something goes wrong with the alliance
  • Work with different management styles and cultures
  • Be clear with your strategy and the fit
  • Ensure their business must be sound
  • Ensure you can work together and meet expectations
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Nov 24, 2022
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Seven Dimensions
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Peter Quarry
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