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Board Role and Responsibilities is a unique course for new and existing Board members, and also senior executives who interact with the Board. Most organizations are governed by a Board of Directors, but not everyone understands or appreciates the vital role they play in guiding and steering the business. The Board of Directors is the guardian of the organization. Its purpose is to protect the interests and viability of the business, minimize risk, and guide it towards a successful future. Boards steer an organization to achieve high levels of excellence in culture and performance. The Board achieves this when it is engaged with the organization it guides. In this course you will learn from Damien Smith, a lawyer who works with senior executives and Boards to improve governance and performance. Psychologist Peter Quarry talks with Damien about the roles and responsibilities of Boards.

  • Learn about a Board's legal and financial responsibilities and the role of directors
  • Understand the value of Board teamwork and accountability
  • Recognize the importance of the Board understanding the organization
  • Explore the challenges and pitfalls the Board might face
  • Discover ways a Board can add value to the organization
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Nov 24, 2022
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Seven Dimensions
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Peter Quarry
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