How to Present Yourself and Your Ideas with More Impact Workshop

How to Present Yourself and Your Ideas with More Impact

Create a powerful presentation and impress your audience with simple and effective strategies.

For anyone who needs to present and influence others – one to one or in groups. Join Psychologist Eve Ash’s practical training workshop.

Get answers to common questions:

  • How do I overcome nerves and fear of presenting?
  • What if people don’t respond, don’t pay attention, or react negatively?
  • What can I do NOW to improve my presentation and influencing?

Eve will help you develop skills so you can:

  • Influence effectively and discover what turns people off
  • Communicate clearly, naturally and assertively – not rambling, aggressive or non assertive
  • Learn about body language and how to read it, use it and impress with your own body language
  • Develop a strategic approach to influencing and selling your ideas
  • Change your presentations from BLAND to GRAND so you amaze your audiences
  • Recognise when you are losing confidence and how to turn it around so you achieve success

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