Why we self-sabotage and how to stop doing it

We can self-sabotage in various areas of life. For example continuing to eat junk food rather than healthy food, being constantly late for meetings, even job interviews. In relationships, self-sabotaging is undermining the relationship, consciously or unconsciously. This can happen with friendships, family or romantic relationships. Watching yourself or someone else in self-sabotage mode is painful. It […]

She’ll be right, mate: Leadership in the ‘Aussie’ workplace

Terms such as ‘mate’ and ‘she’ll be right’ remain in use, indelibly associated with our national character. Once upon a time, ‘mate’ was code for a person you could rely on, who didn’t ‘dob’ others in, a benchmark for worthy behaviour. ‘Mate’ has egalitarian origins (click here for a detailed discussion on its etymology).  The term acquired more unsavoury […]

Fill a need and you shall earn a living: How to secure a job of the future

There are a few retrenchments happening around us, in the lead up to Christmas. That’s very tough, but a reality for many businesses trying to stay afloat and remain effective, profitable and stable for the majority of employees. Small business owners and even larger organisations’ leaders are questioning everyone’s roles. Which two jobs can become […]

The bold and the brave: How to speak up against bad culture

It seems speaking up is (finally) getting the traction it deserves. Whether it’s calling out sexist behaviour or airing a systemic wrong that has flourished unchecked for years, plain speaking is definitely having a moment. Julia Banks’ high-profile defection to the federal parliament crossbench a few days ago, and her eloquent speech about bullying in the Liberal ranks in […]


5 strategies for dealing with a manipulative co-worker

Manipulators in everyday life are not necessarily bad people. You might admire or even love a manipulator (they are frequently found in family contexts), but feel tormented by their constant conniving. I’ve dealt with a variety of difficult people over recent weeks, like the needy, controlling and aggressive, or the disrespectful, moody and procrastination-prone, but for many of […]