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Credibility and Experience
Former Supreme Court judge Frank Vincent, Professor David Denton of Victoria University and others present their perspective on the importance of expert witnesses credibility and experience.
Effective Written Reports
Stephen Cordner (Forensic Medicine, Monash University) and David Wells (Forensic Medicine, Victoria Institute of Forensic Medicine) outline essential aspects of preparing effective written reports.
Ethics and Standards
Various legal and forensic specialists examine the behaviors and accountabilities that must be demonstrated by expert witnesses.
Expert Evidence Series - Interview Videos
In these 12 videos a range of legal and forensic experts share their knowledge and expertise: Frank Vincent, David Wells, Barbara Etter, Stephen Cordner, David Denton, Sam Norton, Karl Kent and Anne Smith.The series also includes 10 case study scenarios demonstrating common mistakes and providing an... read more
Miscarriages of Justice
Miscarriages of justice occur for sometimes the most slender, even avoidable reasons. This video presents some of the better-known Australian miscarriages of justice.
Mistakes and Challenges
Anyone can make mistakes when presenting expert evidence in an adversarial legal context: this video canvases ways to avoid them, and how to meet the many challenges positively.
Presentation Skills
Legal and forensic experts present invaluable advice about the importance of good presentation in court and arbitral contexts.
Presenting Reports and Opinions
This video canvasses the elements that must comprise effective presentation of reports and opinions for court.
Role of the Expert
This video defines and discusses the expert witness' role and responsibilities.
Top Tips
In the final video of this series, legal and forensic experts share excellent and easy-to-remember tips for expert witnesses seeking to improve performance in the courtroom.