How to build collaborative cultures

Corporate and government appetite for collaboration is definitely growing, albeit unevenly. How many times have you come up with an idea only for someone higher than you to either shoot it down or claim the credit? There’s an excellent New Yorker cartoon with an executive telling the employee, “I know it was your idea but it was my […]

anti-bullying-culture- at-work

Three wiser monkeys build an anti-bullying culture at work

We continually read about claims from victims of bullying in their workplace, or whistleblowers who report oppressive workplace cultures that condone bullying and discrimination. Bullying alive and unwell Not everyone is sure of what constitutes bullying, sometimes being too quick or slow to label behaviours that ultimately pose health and safety risks, costing companies millions every […]

Five tips for finding happiness

Are you always wishing for the weekend or willing your next holiday to come round quickly? Or going to bed feeling stressed? Or generally feeling dissatisfied? Work and happiness are far too often considered to be mutually exclusive notions. What people don’t realise is that happiness is a habit. Work is a huge part of […]