How to rise above your rut

We sometimes don’t know how stuck we are, until we are finally out of an often self-imposed trough. Passing phase A rut may simply be a lower level of satisfaction than your potential ‘happiness’ but not enough to derail you. It might just be a comfy place that doesn’t give you great joy, but feels […]

Turn anger into good energy

You are churning inside – no-one realises how angry you are You’ve exploded in a team meeting and everyone’s ducking for cover You’ve just received a bad email and instantly responded back with rage Being angry or caught between two very angry people is debilitating. To be angry is human, but being constantly angry or repressing […]

anti-bullying-culture- at-work

Three wiser monkeys build an anti-bullying culture at work

We continually read about claims from victims of bullying in their workplace, or whistleblowers who report oppressive workplace cultures that condone bullying and discrimination. Bullying alive and unwell Not everyone is sure of what constitutes bullying, sometimes being too quick or slow to label behaviours that ultimately pose health and safety risks, costing companies millions every […]