Needy, controlling and aggressive: How to handle three types of difficult people

What a hot topic. Everyone seems to be handling a difficult person — whether it is a staff member, team colleague, customer or their manager. Or they have a difficult person in their personal lives. Certain types of difficult people affect us more than others. For example: Angry, aggressive, abusive, bullying; Moody, tired, depressed, teary; Uncommitted, unmotivated, […]


7 ways to be a better listener

When you listen well you build trust and respect. Most people think they are good listeners, yet most people say others are not good listeners. When managers get feedback on their communication skills it is often about needing to be better listeners. The problem is that good listening is not always a skill offered in […]

How to build collaborative cultures

Corporate and government appetite for collaboration is definitely growing, albeit unevenly. How many times have you come up with an idea only for someone higher than you to either shoot it down or claim the credit? There’s an excellent New Yorker cartoon with an executive telling the employee, “I know it was your idea but it was my […]