Do people of different gender identities process emotions differently?

“Men are from Mars, Women from Venus” was all the rage during the 1990s. Whether there’s actual proof that we are emotionally wired differently is yet to be conclusively proved (especially with gender fluidity much more highlighted these days). Controversially, according to psychologists Bobbi Carothers and Harry Reis, men and women are from Earth! Are women […]


How fears can hold you back at work

Fears drive our behaviours and are often the reason for our decisions and actions at work. What do we fear? Lots of things: not being liked conflict not being in control failing — being wrong not knowing, uncertainty being embarrassed losing relationships being ignored or even rejected being criticised changes “There’s nothing to fear but […]

How to rise above your rut

We sometimes don’t know how stuck we are, until we are finally out of an often self-imposed trough. Passing phase A rut may simply be a lower level of satisfaction than your potential ‘happiness’ but not enough to derail you. It might just be a comfy place that doesn’t give you great joy, but feels […]