anti-bullying-culture- at-work

Three wiser monkeys build an anti-bullying culture at work

We continually read about claims from victims of bullying in their workplace, or whistleblowers who report oppressive workplace cultures that condone bullying and discrimination. Bullying alive and unwell Not everyone is sure of what constitutes bullying, sometimes being too quick or slow to label behaviours that ultimately pose health and safety risks, costing companies millions every […]

What do you do if your beliefs clash with others at work, or the company beliefs?

“Democracy is a conversation” – that’s one great line in the otherwise rather maligned film, Batman versus Superman. It’s also one of the world’s big conundrums, as Winston Churchill acknowledged and recent times have demonstrated. Just because we’re surrounded by “conversations” (online and elsewhere) doesn’t mean the majority of us are good at it. Rather the […]

Are you an effective leader? Find out with this 10 point check list

Leadership is not just about setting the example and setting the course. It’s also about achieving the best outcomes for the group you’re leading, while at the same time achieving results that keep your business thriving. Great leaders involve their people in decisions, plans, design, development, delivery, complaints and problem solving. The leader’s role is […]