Reigning supreme: The world’s patent-pushing innovative leaders

When comparing innovation leaders between countries, a study (of US registered patents since numbering began in 1836) offers some surprising results. As far as being both innovative and having the most patents filed, Taiwan comes out on top, ahead of the others in the top five: Israel, US, Denmark, South Korea and Japan. Australians are pretty inventive, though we didn’t […]


7 ingredients for creativity and innovation

“Discovery” Albert Szent-Gyorgyi wrote, “is seeing what everybody else has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought”. Very true, which is why all workplaces seeking to make their mark should provide the following necessary conditions for creativity and innovation. Space  This means a certain amount of latitude to pursue a problem or consider alternatives. […]

Factors that breed innovation

Isn’t it refreshing when a company not only professes to value innovative employees, but has instigated practices that demonstrate that they actually do? Alastair Mant pointed out years ago in his book Intelligent Leadership that workplace cultures of innovation are less common than we would think. However, thanks in part to the proliferation of dotcoms and a […]