How fears can hold you back at work

Fears drive our behaviours and are often the reason for our decisions and actions at work. What do we fear? Lots of things: not being liked conflict not being in control failing — being wrong not knowing, uncertainty being embarrassed losing relationships being ignored or even rejected being criticised changes “There’s nothing to fear but […]


10 ways technology is hurting our bodies and minds

Obsession with devices leaves us tangled and in pain! Tech neck. Mouse shoulder. Gamer’s thumb. Computer vision. Smartphone zombies – Smombies. For millennia, human beings walked upright and were attuned to their environments. Today an increasing number have heads down, necks bent, marching across busy streets, wearing earbuds, checking media, sending messages and paying no heed as […]

Actions speak louder than words

I often travel to the US, and was interested to receive an email from the chief executive of United Airlines, Oscar Munoz.  His email profusely apologised for the way armed officers forcibly dragged a passenger off one of his company’s planes in Chicago recently. The share price of United Airlines reportedly dropped by $1.4 billion after the […]