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This program shows how to overcome six typical challenges faced by experienced sales people. A great way to encourage positive sales skills and behaviours.

Challenge 1 - Never Enough Time

  • Get organised
  • Get database up to date
  • Management system - follow-ups all organised
  • Territory well mapped out, and logical
  • Qualifying prospects - knowing they are the right person to see
  • Take half a day to a day to plan, strategies and making everything very logical
  • Use e-mail and voice mail

Challenge 2 - Lost Confidence

  • Understand sales cycle of your product
  • Keep list of frequent objections and best answers
  • Get referrals
  • Get out of 'Negative land of W' - wishing, wallowing, wasting time

Challenge 3 - Multiple Decision Makers

  • Work with the person that has contact with the decision maker - find the best way to present your product
  • Treat secretary as decision maker and sell to them
  • Advanced probes - how the criteria for the decision is going to be made, what budget will you be spending on the product

Challenge 4 - Improving Presentations

  • Change yourself - new suit
  • Jazz up presentation - more visuals, tell a story, get feedback
  • Story telling - use previous client examples and how they are using your product

Challenge 5 - Difficulty with negotiation

  • Be strong, natural and friendly
  • Workout minimum you are willing to accept
  • Workout maximum you want to accept
  • Workout target you will accept
  • Avoid lack of preparation during negotiation
  • Focus on needs not wants

Challenge 6 - Writing a Great Proposal

  • Do it on the day you had the discussion
  • Simple introduction
  • Background on the problem
  • Your suggestion or solution
  • Cost involved
  • Clear pricing including any extra costs
  • Additional information
  • Your credentials
  • Keep it to 1-2 pages
  • Offer additional products or services

Tips and Advice

  • Keep a record of every time you got a sale
  • Write down trigger that led to the sale - and the buying signal
  • Change email subject after going back and forth to increase relevance
  • Visit your clients not just to sell but to find out about their business

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Jan 1, 2007
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